Message to the Public

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish to emphatically state that I am in this election for YOU. I have grown weary of a Sheriff’s Department that appears closed off from the community, is non-responsive or slow to act on our needs, and fails to be proactive in our community. Whether you are visiting out of curiosity or to learn who I am and what I stand for, or want to discover my experience and qualifications, I thank you for being an informed and conscientious voter.  By navigating this site, you will find my resume’, learn about my military service and experience, view some of my many awards, and discover who I am as a person and supervisor. You will also learn what I stand for and my position on a myriad of topics presented during this election cycle. I hope to gain your support and your vote so I can serve YOU, a member of my community. Thank you and as always, may you and your loved ones be safe, prosperous, successful, and enjoy your day.



• Be visible and available to the community by attending town-hall meetings and other community functions and creating an “open-door” policy so I can learn from YOU what the important county issues are.
•To work with Superintendents of Schools operating within Dona Ana County and our Principals, teachers, and school staff on violence issues facing our schools.
• To review and update (if necessary) all Emergency Management protocols addressing flooding, natural disasters, train derailments, man-made disasters, and terrorist events to name a few.
• To encourage and hire citizens with disabilities to improve the workforce composition between employees with and without disabilities.
• To sponsor, promote, and/or participate in events that improve the quality of life of citizens in Dona Ana County such as bicycle registration, crime prevention tips and inspections, and programs that educate or rehabilitate those young adults involved in gangs.
• To ensure every community is receiving the police services every citizen expects and has earned.
• To improve Community Police services by training community police officers to become more proactive in their assigned community. This is accomplished by identifying vacant, abandoned, or dilapidated properties with the propensity of increased criminal activity, becoming a liaison between citizens and other organizations and facilitating projects such as block parties and seeking funding and assistance in obtaining quality of life improvements such as playground equipment.
• To improve the morale of the department by ensuring management and supervisors are responsive to the career development and mentorship of every subordinate and that retaliatory incidents become an albatross of the past.
• To evaluate the feasibility of establishing a sub-station on the East Mesa and if feasible, opening a sub-station within my 1st four year term.